Hollow Bore Servo Motor

The Hollow Bore is an ideal solution for passing cables and pipes through the motor and is compatible with popular servo drives. This hollow bore servo motor is available as a direct drive, or with gearing ratios of 3, 9 or 27:1.

Typical Industries:   Aerospace, Automation, Automotive Manufacturing, Converting/Printing/Web, Machine Tool, Material Handling, Medical, Packaging, Plastics/Composites, Process/Valve Control, Robotics, Semiconductor


Standard Features

  • Nominal torque: 1.9 – 29 Nm (17 - 257 in-lbs)
  • Gear ratio range: direct drive, 3:1, 9:1, 27:1
  • Voltage Windings: 230V, 480V and other International standards
  • Hollow bore diameters: 28 mm - 45 mm
  • Compatible Drive Solutions:
    • Bosch
    • Siemens
    • Kollmorgen
    • Rockwell
    • Control Techniques
    • B&R
    • ...and more


  • Rotating plug connectors with quick lock
  • Compact design due to tooth winding technology
  • High dynamics
  • Hollow shaft for conveying media


Extremely compact design with unusually large hollow bore for media and energy lines.


Configurable and plug and play with popular servo drives. Hollow bore absolute encoder with EnDat® 2.1 and 2.2 feedback makes this possible.


Optional water or forced air cooling for increase power or high ambient temperature areas.


  • Water Cooling
    • Optional water or forced air cooling for increased power or use in high ambient temperature areas

Technical Data


hollow bore
Torque (Nm): up to 29
Backlash (arc/mins): ≥ 0-4
Bore Diameter (mm): 28 - 45
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