"ServoCool" – Cooling for Servo Units

The compact design of a planetary gearhead allows very little area for heat dissipation. While the STOBER Precision Planetary Gearhead has the lowest operating temperature available, even its rating in continuous applications is limited by heat, especially with large planetaries or units with small ratios. This problem can be solved with a ServoCool module. Cooling is made possible by adding ventilation to the existing ServoFit Precision Planetary Gearhead.

Typical Industries:   Converting
Air is accelerated outward in a radial manner and escapes through the outlet slots. Due to the resulting negative pressure in the motor adapter, air is pulled in through the inlet slots.

Standard Features

  • Radial ventilator fan mounts to motor shaft
  • Forced air ventilation improves performance
  • No additional motor or wiring required


  • Lubrication life extended
  • Cools motor
  • More compact than external fans


Available with units:
P and PH
Motor Brake and Cooling System