"K" Series – Right Angle Helical/Bevel MGS Speed Reducers

MGS helical/bevel gear drives offer consistent, higher efficiencies than conventional single-worm gear drives. This added efficiency reduces your costs today through smaller gear drive and motor sizing. Tomorrow, you’ll benefit through optimum energy savings.

Typical Industries:   Automotive Manufacturing, Converting, Material Handling, Plastics/Composites

Special Options:  Food/Corrosion Resistant, IP69K Certified, IP69K Certified, ATEX Certified

Design Advantages

  • Input shaft or coupling type NEMA C-face adapter
  • One-piece cast iron housing with precision machined bearing support assures gearset alignment, prolongs bearing life, provides exceptional overhung load capacities, and eliminates leakage problems common to two-piece housings
  • High quality helical gearing is case hardened to 58-62 Rockwell C and precision finished for low noise and long service life.
  • High efficiency spiral bevel gears provide quiet operation and excellent torque carrying capacity.
  • Standard backlash is <12 arc minutes.
  • Double lip seals keep oil in and contaminants out. Double seals available for severe duty applications.
  • Stainless steel nameplate and hardware
  • Lubricated for Life with Mobil 600XP220 – food grade available
  • Maintenance Free – no oil changes
  • Strategically located oil fill, drain and breather ports for optimum mounting flexibility.
  • Single or double output shaft, hollow output, and single or double side wobble-free bushings. Also, available in metric or stainless steel output.
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Build and ship in one day
  • HP ratings up to 105
  • Output torques up to 92,250 in. lbs.
  • Output speeds from 435 to 5 RPM
  • Ratios from 4:1 to 373.7:1. Combine units for higher ratios
  • Manufactured in accordance with the principles of ISO 9000
  • Shipped with the proper amount and type of oil to prevent gear damaging dry start-ups


Technical Data

Helical Bevel K Video

helical bevel
Output Torque (in. lbs): 92,250
Output Speed (rpm): 435 to 5
HP Ratings: up to 105
Modular Gear System Speed Reducers

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