"C" Series – Concentric/Helical MGS Mechanical Variable Speed Drives

STOBER can offer a wider variety of sizes, ratios, and mounting positions than ever before by utilizing MGS Reducers and ComTrac Adjustable Speed Drives. These versatile gear drives offer you performance, durability, and economy for a wide range of variable speed applications. High efficiency helical gearing keeps motor size to a minimum while conserving energy.

Typical Industries:   Beverage, Food Processing

Design Advantages

  • Horsepower ratings – from 1/2 to 10
  • Output speeds – available from 1139 to 1.2 RPM
  • Speed range – 5:1 to 7:1
  • Output torques – up to 59,782 in.lbs.
  • NEMA frames – from 56C to 215TC


Technical Data

Output Torque (in. lbs): 59,782
Horsepower: ½ to 10
Output Speed (RPM): 1139 to 1.2
Mechanical Variable Speed Drives