"K" Series – Right Angle Helical/Bevel MGS Mechanical Variable Speed Drives

With the many mounting options available, ComTrac Adjustable Speed Drives and MGS Helical/Bevel Speed Reducers offer consistent, higher input-to-output efficiencies and a configurations for almost any application situation. This added efficiency reduces your costs today through smaller gear drive and motor sizing. Tomorrow, you'll benefit through optimum energy savings.

Typical Industries:   Beverage, Food Processing

Design Advantages

  • Horsepower ratings – from 1/2 to 10
  • Output speeds – available from 569 to .9 RPM
  • Speed range – 5:1 to 7:1
  • Output torques – up to 99,227 in.lbs.
  • NEMA frames – from 56C to 215TC


Technical Data

Output Torque (in. lbs): 99,227
HP Ratings: up to 10
Output Speed (RPM): 569 to .9
Mechanical Variable Speed Drives