Servo Motors

Power your manufacturing process with great precision using STOBER Drives ServoFit servo motors.

Our servo motors include dynamic motors with sensors that allow for precise control of angular or linear position, velocity and acceleration in a compact and small package. Our orthocyclically-wound motor coil makes it possible to manufacture the stator windings with the highest possible copper fill factor, allowing for a shortened motor length while increasing power output by up to 80 percent.

Innovation and use of high-quality components makes our servo motors highly efficient while reducing operating costs. STOBER Drives’ family of servo motors mount directly to gearboxes, eliminating a motor coupling, adapter, coupling housing or additional input seals and bearings. We offer both high and low servo motors to fit unique applications. For applications in need of more power, water or forced air-cooling will offer up to a 35 percent torque increase through heat dissipation.

Select a product below to learn more about the STOBER solution for servo motor applications.

Rockwell enabled

Hollow Bore Servo Motors

Keep cords and cables in one place with our Hollow Servo Motor, which is designed with a flange-mount hollow bore. It allows for media – power cables, pipes and hoses – to pass through the motor. The motor produces powerful torque and high stiffness with a low total weight, making it well suited for applications where the motor is also moving. It is ideal for industrial robots, machinery, machine tools, automatic assembly machines, converting and printing, handling equipment, and laser machine tools

Servo Gearmotors

Our line of servo motors is compatible with most third-party drives, including Rockwell Automation Technologies, Bosch, Siemens, Kollmorgen, Control Techniques and B&R.

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